Sofia Wichert

Dr Sofia Wichert

(Sofia Mucharreira de Azeredo Lopes Wichert)

Ph.D., University of Sheffield, U.K. 2000


Departamento de Estatística e Investigação Operacional

Faculdade de Ciências

Universidade de Lisboa

Edifício C6, Campo Grande

1749-016 Lisboa


Phone: +351 21 750 02 35
Fax: +351 21 750 00 81
Email: smwichert AT


I am a research assistant at Centro de Estatística e Aplicações da Universidade de Lisboa working together with

Professor Antónia Turkman and Professor Feridun Turkman.


Research Interests:

  • Spatial Statistics
  • Biostatistics
  • Machine learning




  • Lopes, S., Niranjan, M. and Oakley, J. 2001. Forecasting of Air Pollution at Unmonitored Sites. Artificial Neural Nets and Genetic Algorithms. Eds. V. Kurkova, N.C. Settle, R. Neruda, M. Karny, pp 497-500, Springer Verlag, Wien.


Previous Places:


          I was a member of the Institute of Biomathematics and Biometry group G3 at the

          GSF-National Research Centre for Environment and Health
          Institute of Biomathematics and Biometry, Munich, Germany

Member of the Statistical Genetics and Bioinformatics group at the 

Department of Statistics
University of Munich, Germany

Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield, U.K.

Department of Statistics, University of Sheffield, U.K.
Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal






  Dr Andreas Wichert (Ulm, Germany)

                                       Lisbon, Portugal

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